Monday, May 11, 2015

Cake Smash!!!!

I have some good looking kids!
Tim does not like taking family pictures every year.  So we have come up with a compromise where we will only take them every other year, but on the off year I will have pics taken of just the kids.  Since April is both Arlo's and Lulu's B-Day (and because the holiday season is always so busy)  We are going to start taking pictures in April instead of October.  Here are the pictures we got this year of my wonderful children.

I want to point out that Lulu had a 101 degree temperature during the photo shoot and was up that night with 103+ degree temperature.  But with all the planing, we went ahead and took the pictures anyways.

The big pics are my favorites.  Also, a big thank you to Elizabeth Stanley Photography for the pictures and to Niki and Grammy for helping out with the beautiful outfits and props!!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Who is This Kid?????

Who is this kid?????

Who is this kid who is such a good big brother??

Who is this kid who loves to play with his brother?

Who is this kid who ALWAYS helps his sister?

Who is this kid that knows exactly how to make his sister smile?

 Who is this kid who can be so gentle and loving?

 Who is this kid who is such a good friend?

Who is this kid who is so smart and can read to his family?

Who is this kid who made me a mom 6 years ago?

 Who is this kid that loves to get dirty and be silly?

Who is this kid that is growing up to be just like his dad?

Who is this kid that is good at EVERYTHING he does?

Who is this kid who will not stop growing up no matter what I say????

He is my BIG 6 Year old!!!!  Happy Birthday Baby!  I love you so much!!!