Tuesday, June 16, 2009

School.... AHHHHHH!!!!!!!

SO... last week I started school again.  I have been graduated for 4 years and I am now going back.  I am taking only one class, anatomy/physiology, and I am already dying!  I took my first test on Saturday I got a 77% which does not sound so bad but get this... I had 30 minutes to answer 30 questions I guessed on 70% of the test because I had NO clue to the answers, and then I went back through and used my book to help me find the answers to the 70% of questions I did not know the answer to.  I got to question 12 and time ran out, so I guess I am a really good guesser!   I just hope the rest of the tests will not be that hard because, I have a feeling my luck will run out and my really good guessing will not cut it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Professional Pics

On Saturday we got family/newborn pictures taken.  We decided to go with a guy from tim's work who does photography on the side.  If you like ours, his website is www.davidevano.com.  Well we went and we started to take pictures on Arlo's super soft blue blanket, we wanted naked pictures on the blanket so we took off Arlo's diaper and after 3 pictures I saw his face and I knew that something was in works, so I ran to get a diaper and I was too late, Arlo had pooped everywhere!  I did not bring a spare blanket, so luckily we got one cute one on the blanket.  The rest of the shoot went really well, he stayed awake the whole time so we got great pictures of his beautiful eyes!  They are all great pictures but here are a few!

Don't let this picture fool you,
He's not sleeping!