Monday, April 20, 2009


IT'S DONE!!!!!!
We put the finishing touches on our nursery last night!  Tim drew the pictures and I painted them.  They are the very last touches that we needed to be done with Jax's room!  I do not have pictures of the entire nursery so to see the full nursery you will have to come visit us.  

But, to give another little taste of our superior decorating skills... well just look and see!

And here is Bronco; showing how happy he is to be sharing his space!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What will Jax look like?

So the time is getting closer and closer and I am becoming obsessed with what my dear Arlo will look like.  I think about all the good qualities Tim and I have and think about how cute he will be; then I think about all the not so charming qualities Tim and I have, and I wonder?  I know... no matter what he will be beautiful to me, and I completely agree with that.  But it does not stop my curiosity!  So here are Tim and my first baby pictures, so everyone can be just as curious as me!

This is Timmy!  (No I did not confuse his pic. with somebody else... this is really Tim!)

This is me!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Vacuum

I have been lucky enough to be blessed with 3 baby showers!  I have received everything I could possibly need and want for when the baby is born and much, much more!  I also have been blessed with many Target gift cards!  Now, I did not register at Target but there is great baby stuff at Target... and vacuums!  

My first baby is my wonderful, precious, puppy: Bronco.  As much as I love him, he sheds EVERYWHERE!!!!  I have to vacuum 2 times a week to keep the hair under control.  Now when my real baby is born, I want to be able to put his blankets, toys, and the baby himself on the floor... but I don't think that is too sanitary with all the dog hair!  So, I decided with all those wonderful target gift cards I would use them towards the purchase of my dog hair solution!  I bought a Dyson animal vacuum!  And let me be the one to say it is the BEST vacuum in the world!  Here is a picture of how much dog hair and dust my vacuum got out of my carpet, after I had just vacuumed earlier with my old vacuum.

Now, I know that I will still have to vacuum 2 times a week to keep the dog hair up but now I know that when I do put the baby on the floor it will be clean and most importantly dog hair free!  Yea Dyson!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let's go fly a Kite!!!

Timmy Flying a Kite!
Me flying the kite!

Friday was a windy day.... a great day to fly a kite!!  It was so much fun that even my brother Bryce came over to fly a kite with us!  Actually, I asked Bryce to come over to help Timmy rearrange the baby's room.  In return I had to make him dinner.  The boys were such good sports about rearranging the baby's room because after they arranged the room (moving the bed, dresser, crib and bookshelf)  I decided I didn't like it and made them move it all back to basically the same way it was in the beginning.  Overall Friday was a great day, it was one of those days that I felt like we got so much accomplished and at the same time we made time to have fun.  I am so blessed!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


My beautiful ankles are gone!!!!
I am getting more uncomfortable by the minute!
I still have 1 month left!
What is a girl to do?

On a more positive note...
We cleaned out all the dog hair from my car and installed the car seat.
I bought my stroller and put it together by myself!
I have washed his clothes, cleaned his bottles and toys and organized his closet!
I am about as ready as I will ever be!

Now it's a waiting game!