Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Life... The Musical

Let me start off by saying I am a horrible singer!  HORRIBLE.  But that does not stop me from trying.  In front of my boys I can sing high, low, opera style or with a twang.  I sing about food, play time, the potty and plain, old, kid songs but I am the best at singing my own made up songs about anything and everything.  And it rubs off!

The other day I put Arlo to bed for the night and 10 minutes later I still hear him in there talking... loudly.  I  got up about to bust him, but when I heard what he was saying I stopped and listened and then I walked away.  Arlo was not talking, he was singing I am a Child of God.  It was one of the sweetest moments I've had as a mother.

Most of the time music is not quite so sweet, it is mostly just plain fun.

Yo Gabba Gabba is both my boys favorite show right now (its on netflix) but my boys are glued to it.  They dance with the show, they sing the songs, they love it.

Cohen is now doing motions to songs like Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, and Popcorn, Popping.

We play musical instruments almost daily.  For anybody with kids... go get them a musical instrument!  My kids love them, we turn on music and play to music, we sing songs and play music or we just beat, shake and hit those instruments as loud and hard or as low and soft as we can.

They Dance, they sing.  I dance, I sing.  Tim sings... yes he loves to make up songs almost as much as me.

We are a living a musical life and it is wonderful.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Bunch of Nothing

For the past month we have been battling sickness, that came in the shape of runny noses, throw up, diarrhea, spots, temps... you name it, my boys have had it.  And I am tired of it!  But, in spite of all the sickness, our lives have continued on and we have been so busy while accomplishing nothing!!!!

One of Arlo's biggest projects... making OJ.  Arlo will not drink any kind of juice except for OJ and he would drink a whole craft in one morning if I let him.  So with our tree being full of oranges and Grampy having the best juicer I have ever used (and we have a cuisenart) Arlo and Grampy spent a few hours picking, cutting, juicing and drinking OJ.

Thanks Grampy!!!!

Tow is working on learning to brush his mouthful of teeth!

We play outside EVERYDAY for a few hours! 

Arlo has finally learned how to drive the dune buggy around the yard without getting frustrated and giving up!!!

Cohen and Arlo are obsessed with sports.  Hockey, soccer, baseball, football, basketball, (probably in that order) any sport that requires a ball, they love it!!!!

We try to do interesting fun things.  Most stuff we do I get off pinterest.  This is flour playdough!

The boys wrestle ALL THE TIME!!! 

The Boys are learning Yoga! 

Sometimes it's so relaxing, Tow falls asleep.

Every once in a while Uncle Bryce comes over and the boys get so excited!

Cohen learned how to talk on the phone!! 

We went to the train park!  Always a blast!

Now that Arlo talks pretty much nonstop he says some pretty hilarious things.  He uses because ALL the time.  Even with things he does not need to explain he still feels the need to say because.  I think it's caused by me enforcing a no whining rule in our house, where he needs to use his big boy words and tell me what is going on which usually includes a reason.  But he uses it for things like "mom, I love my caterpillar because I love him."  or "I love your beautiful hair because my hair is so beautiful, Do you love my beautiful hair?" 
And now that Arlo is potty trained and talking nonstop, his favorite subject to talk about is poop and pee.
90% of his prayers ask Heavenly Father to help him go poo poo and pee pee in the potty.

Arlo was waking up his dad and was laying on his tummy, after a few minutes he said, "dad, it tastes like poop!" (Tim's stomach was growling and Arlo heard it and he is still using tastes like for every sense... so he meant it sounds like.)

After he goes to the bathroom, he likes to tell everyone how big it was, or how much there was.

In the tubby I was washing his hair and there was sand in it so I asked him "what's in your hair?" and he replied "maybe poop?  I think it's poop mom."

Speaking of talking, Cohen has started talking, his first word is......
Not only is he saying it, but he says it when he sees his dad.  It's pretty cute!

Last thing that is really worth mentioning is our Tow, the dance monster.  He loves dancing, only when I get out my camera or phone he likes those things better than dancing so it always stops before I get it on camera, so here is a semi dance in the tubby...

I sure love doing nothing with my boys!  Their nothing keeps me so busy!!!!