Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bronco for Sale!!

The time has come...  Bronco must go!

You might be wondering why?  Well I will answer like all people who want to give away their best friends...

We are in a two bedroom condo.  We have no yard.  He is stuck inside all day.  I can never find time to bathe him.  He sheds.  He sheds.  He sheds.  I am tiered of picking up his poop.

So now you are wondering... why would I want him if you do not?

Correction... I do want him.  I LOVE HIM.  But sometimes when you love something you have to let it go. (corny I know... but it is the truth)

Here are all the great things about Bronco.

1. He is great around children, babies, and basically everyone!
  (he is not great with other dogs)
2.  He listens
  (he is a people pleaser... he will do anything to make us happy!)
3.  He is trained
  (He can do all sorts of tricks like rolling over, keeping a bone on his nose, barking on command, catching a ball and bringing it back, as well as all the simple ones like sit, lay down, stand up etc...)
4.  He is potty trained
  (I am not proud of this but once Tim and I had work days where we could not get home to him and let him out and he went almost 11 hours without an accident!)
5.  He is crate trained
  (We just recently took away his cage, but now he is pillow trained.)
6.  He is a great watch dog
  (he is big enough to scare just about anybody if you tell them he is mean and he has a bark that will scare anybody who comes to the door.  Yes he barks when people come to the door... we trained him to do so.)

If you do want him or know somebody who does let me know.  I WILL NOT GIVE HIM TO JUST ANYBODY!!!!  Here are the qualifications.
1.  You have to have a yard.
2.  You have to let Arlo and I come and visit him!
3.  You have to love him as much as we do.

Bronco is literally Arlo's best friend.  Bronco was the first one to get Arlo to laugh for the first time and since Arlo has been able to get around... Bronco has been running for his life, or he gets trampled on!

Look at this face... isn't he the perfect puppy?

Monday, March 15, 2010

I get so mad at myself.  I always wait too long to blog about our exciting life and when I finally get around to doing it... well my blogs are long and rushed... it makes me so mad!  Because let's be honest, when someone posts a long post... you look at the pictures and thats about it.  So if that is all you do then I totally understand.  But if you are patient enough to get through this... well... good for you!  (I love reading about my family too!)

Let's start off with some good news...
I have officially submitted my letter of resignation to Mesa Public Schools.  I couldn't handle missing 9 hours of my precious baby's life each day.  Tim and I agreed that I could stay home next year but I still NEED to work.  I am going to try to watch a few babies out of my home.  So...... if anybody know somebody who knows somebody who needs a babysitter... I am available starting June!

Now some bad news...
My baby boy is throwing tantrums!!!! (insert my own tantrum here)  When I tell him no that he can't do something because it is dangerous or dirty or whatever the reason, he arches his head and back he screams and screams and puts on the waterworks like you wouldn't believe.  I want... correction I NEED advise!  I don't know what to do.  But before the advise here is my dilema.  I KNOW that you are supposed to ignore tantrums.  I KNOW that you are supposed to make sure that they are somewhere safe and then just walk away.  I KNOW that you are not supposed to give him any positive or negative feedback.  But knowing all this, has not helped me AT ALL!  It is a major case of easier said than done. I feel that there are so many factors.  The biggest one being he follows me around screaming and collapsing on the floor and pulling at my legs.  I will pick him up and move him onto the carpet and then he just comes screaming right back.  Of corse there are other factors as well (being tiered, hungry, etc.)  but I am still clueless.  HELP ME!!!!!!!


Back in February we went to the McKormic Ranch Train Park with Arlo.  I have been waiting till Arlo was older to take him somewhere that he would be able to understand and love and have a great time.  We picked just the right place.  Our entire outing was about 4 1/2 hours without a nap and Arlo was nothing but smiles the ENTIRE time.

We started out the day with a big red balloon.  We could have gone to the park just for the balloon and Arlo would still have been the happiest boy in the world... but we continued on with out day.

Next up was the carousel.  Another big hit!  He was so cute.  At first he did not know what was going on with the horse moving up and down and going round and round.  But after a few times around he finally got the hang of it and loved it!

This was just a part of the museum.  It was a cute photo opp.  So here is a picture of the cutest little engineer!

Of course there were swings.  And Arlo loves to swing and since this day was all about him we spent a while at the swings.  And if you notice that there is a huge cut on his forehead that has not been there in any of the other pictures... well you are right!  I photoshopped the monstrosity of a cut (which I gave to him) out of all the pictures, or so I thought.  Oops!

Here is the moment we all waited for.  The train ride.  Arlo had so much fun, he got to ride the train twice.  Once with mommy and once with daddy!
After the train park when we got home, Arlo played with his red balloon for the rest of the day.  It really was a perfect day.

Spring Break is finally HERE!!!!!!

Friday was my last day of school for a whole week!  I cannot even express how excited I am.  Tim and I kicked off my spring break by going up to Sunrise.  We spent friday night in Greer, Az and then on Saturday morning we woke up ate breakfast and spent the rest of the day on the slopes.  I had a blast!  And I got to use my new snowboarding boots that Tim got me for Christmas!  They were awesome!

This is a pic up at the top of the mountain.

The day could not have been more perfect.  Sunrise had received 36 NEW inches of snow that week.  It was a warm and sunny day.  I had the best company.  Life is perfect!

This is a picture of me landing a sweet jump.  No I do not jump high... but I do try and I love it!

Now for the finale... An Arlo update!

This is just a too cute picture.  You cannot see his hair very well, but it is sticking up in all sorts of directions.  He loves his yellow ball and will roll it to you.

This is my little german boy.  Don't you love the fat rolls!

I am having a hard time feeding Arlo right now because he is on a "I can do it all by myself" kick.  So I give him a spoon and put a little bit of food on it and then I sneak in a bit when I can.  But as you can see we still get it EVERYWHERE!

Yep that's right we can climb stairs.  But I have been able to do that for a LONG time.  Here is the important part, I can climb stairs NAKED!

My favorite thing to do...
Tonight for the first time Arlo took 2 steps all by himself.  I still think it will be a while before he starts walking, but he is getting braver by the day!

Arlo has also said his first words... up, please and rock.  
Can I just say that my baby boy is growing up way too fast!
I am so blessed! I love my family!