Monday, August 31, 2009

4 months plus!

So here we are, Arlo is now 4 months old. At his doctor appointment he weighed 17 lbs 11 ounces (90%), was 27 inches tall (97%), and his head was 17 inches around (75%). That is right my chunky little man has now doubled his birth weight, all on breast milk! I am telling you, that is the good stuff. He is wearing size three diapers (I had to exchange 2 boxes of Costco diapers and get bigger ones) and is now wearing size 6-9 months clothes and even they can be tight depending on the brand. But he has actually been in them since Oregon which was about August 2nd.

As for how and what he is doing, I am proud to say that my baby is the greatest! He is the best little conversationist in the world! He absolutely loves to talk and be talked too. He will goo and gaa and squeal and fuss in all the right places. He will also giggle at other things besides the dog (even though Bronco is still his favorite!) He loves playing with his feet, he will stick anything and everything that he can get his hands on in his mouth. And yesterday we noticed his two front, bottom teeth pushing through. Our little man does not stop changing even for a day!

Now that he is four months we are going to start supplementing with formula as well as solids. I am so excited, my mom got me the baby beaba for my birthday so we can do the all natural thing and make all of his baby food. I also went on craig's list and bought my little guy a piano exersaucer! He loves this thing, he loves standing on his own and playing with the toys or watching Bronco. He can literally stay in that thing for about 30+ minutes and be as happy as a clam!

As for our other child (Bronco) he is more and more jealous everyday... and I feel bad because we usually take him to the park everyday, but right now in the heat it is way too hot, even in the morning when I wake up it is already in the 90's, and I usually am in bed my 9:30. Because Arlo still 90% of the time still wakes up once a night. So, as for Bronco I feel bad but as soon as it gets cooler I can not wait to take walk to the park with Bronco and Arlo, we will have a great time!

4 months!

After Oregon Arlo and I came back just so I could start work... so sad. Those first few days were the hardest! Not to mention my super nanny was sick that week and so I had to find other means for my baby. It all worked out in the end, but still to this day I hate leaving him every morning. Which brings me to my work... WOW! Boy do I forget how hard Kindergarten is the first few weeks of school. Tim even reminded me by saying "Well at least this year you are not crying, so it has to be better that the last few years!" I LOVE Kindergarten, I really do, but those first few days of teaching kids who have never been away from their mommies how to function on their own, not being able to do the things that they want to do, not taking naps, teaching them the basics of pushing in chairs, standing in line, sitting in chairs, sitting on the floor, raising their hand and waiting to be called on instead of yelling out teacher, teacher. I can not even tell you how many times I hear, "when can we play" or "I'm bored" or "I don't like school" those first few days. And the crying!!! I won't even go into all the reasons why I hear crying throughout the days. Like I said, I really do love teaching, and kids, but those first few weeks are so hard! Things are now starting to get better and easier, But WOW the past few weeks have been hard!

4 months minus!

Tim's Salmon
Tim and nephews under Paul Bunyon's Blue Ox
The deep sea fishing crew.
Our crab line up!
Dead beached great white.
My monster fish I caught!
Another fish I caught.
Timmy and Me!
The same forrest used in Twilight... My Edward is much more handsome!
Haystack Rock!

So I never got around to blogging about our amazing trip to the Oregon coast! Tim's family got a few amazing places right on the coast and we spent a week just relaxing and spending time with family! Tim got to go crabbing with all his nephews and nieces and Tim and I got to go deep sea fishing! I have to admit I am a pretty good fisherman! Here are some pics of our time there!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

12 hours!

I know Arlo has been technically "sleeping through the night" for 2 months now, but last night he really did sleep through the night all 12 hours! Granted, it was probably because he was catching up from our latest vacation to Oregon (I will be posting pics soon). But, I was still WAY excited!