Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tow-Tow Monster

The second time around is such fun.  HECTIC.  But fun.
Here's the reason why...

You forget how many 'firsts' there are, and then when you see one you get to marvel at how amazing your little one is... then remember the time that the oldest did that very same thing... then remember how time goes by so fast... and so you marvel again at how wonderfully talented your little one is!

So, here are a few big firsts...
A few days before New Years Cohen had his first (not gas) smile.  And he's been smiling ever since.
 Here are just a few of those many smiles!

 We had our first of many, sleeping 6 hours straight during the night on the 26th of January.

Because we were so happy to finally get some good sleep, Cohen started laughing on the 30th of January. (Not yet caught on video.)

These next few things are not firsts, they are just my cute Tow Man!
Looking at himself in the mirror.


Standing and getting his exercise.

Holding on to things and eating them!

Holding up his head.

These last few tidbits I cannot call cute, but they are worth writing about.
Our Tow Tow is a tooter.  You read it right, he is full of gas.  He reminds me of Pumbaa (from the Lion King) his toots are so loud and grown-up sounding, many times it startles me.   

We are so lucky to have a hot tub that we can go swimming in, in the middle of winter.  So here is a picture of Cohen going swimming for the first time.  He LOVED it!

But I think it is because he loves water... even his tubbies are fun!

We also had a free session with the hospital photographers and we got a few cute pictures.  I also made sure we got a few of Cohen in his blessing outfit that his Great Grandma Levie gave him.

Cohen was blessed on January 16th by his Daddy.  Tim gave him a beautiful blessing!  We spent the rest of the day with our family who came from all over to support us and be there for Cohen's special day.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful family!  

And no post would be complete without recording the latest stats from his 2 month appointment.
Height: 24.5 92%
Weight: 13 lbs 13 oz 90%
Head: 41 cm 73%

And a few more cute pictures!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Baby The Big Boy

Arlo is and will always be my baby.  Even though he says he is a big boy, does so many big boy things and even looks like a big boy... he is still my baby.

And here is 5 reasons why...

1.  He talks like a big boy... He loves to count (he can't do it all by himself yet but loves to repeat, or say the next number), He loves to tell the color of things (his favorites are green and blue) even though he gets mixed up every once in a while.  He is also starting to form sentences.  His first sentence he said a week or so ago and it was "Arlo's turn!" but since then he has been putting words together left and right.  He is a talking machine.

So in this video I tried to get in as much as he would let me in a very short period...

But he still loves me to sing to him at night... like my baby!
Right now his favorite songs to sing are The Ants Go Marching, I Like to Eat Apples and Bananas, If You're Happy and You Know It, The Eensy Weensy Spider and Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

2.  He sleeps in a big boy bed.  He has also learned that he can get out of that big boy bed and play until mommy or daddy catch him and make him go back to bed.

This is when he should be sleeping, I walked in and he hurried and laid down but all his toys were still on his bed... so we picked up and tried again.

This is my big boy when right when he woke up, he always wakes up so happy. 

But he still loves to snuggle with me like my baby.

3.  Arlo will watch whole entire movies like a big boy.  Right now his favorites are Nemo, Bolt, The Little Mermaid, How to Train Your Dragon and Elmo (Especially Elmo goes poop, which is really called Elmo Uses the Potty.)

(It always helps if his cousin sits and watches with him.)

But he still loves to hold my hand!

4.  He plays like a big boy.

Arlo is the biggest dare devil... in the world!  If you do not watch close enough he will climb on top of anything and everything and even worse likes to run around, jump or dance on top of whatever he has just climbed on... I have to keep a very close eye on him!

But he still likes to play naked like a baby?!
There is no good explanation... I just hate the fight to put on clothes, so he goes naked! 

5.  He even looks like a big boy with his new haircut!

But he still looks like my baby when he whines!
(And this is not even the worst of it!)

So even though he is growing up, as you already know, he will always be my baby!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!

Okay... I went a whole month without blogging... I was dying!  The truth is I love to blog, it is such a fun way to brag! :-)  So the next few days (maybe a week depending on my boys) I will try and catch up.  Because January was a BUSY month!

I am going to start with our New Years trip to Utah. 

When we first got to Utah (we flew up as a family this time and it was wonderful, I will never drive again!) The weather is what you would expect in Utah for being the end of December.  It was cold, everything looked dead and ugly and the snow was melting and brown.  Then, while we were there they had a HUGE storm.  It was cold and miserable... but Arlo loved it.  Here is a video of him playing(stomping) in the snow saying snow over, and over again.

Sorry about being sideways, I do not know how to fix that.
Sorry about my voice, this is when I finally started getting it back, it was gone for a few weeks.

He also had a blast going sledding.  We went with Arlo's 2 cousins Katie and Brinton... It was so cold!

He was so cute all bundled up!

Dad and Arlo were buds... Mom was keeping Cohen warm.

Katie... yes she is always this beautiful.

It's go time!

Katie and Brinton.

It was hard for me to get their faces because I would have had to walk down the snowy hill with a baby and my camera, so I stayed at the top of the hill and got the backs of their heads.

Overall we had a wonderful time.  Here are a few more pics.

 Meet Darth Vader in Huggies!

Arlo and his Uncle "Sex" (his name is Rex, Arlo cannot say Rex)

Cohen and his favorite cousin Eli, who was born a few weeks earlier.  What Studs!

I have to say that the only bad thing about the trip was that stupid winter storm.  It brought in such cold weather that we didn't get to go snowboarding.  Tim went once with his nephews and it was so cold that Jordan got freezer burn on his face and wrist.  Tim did not want to go again because it was so miserable. And if Tim did not want to go again, I was not going to argue... I hate being cold.

SO, for Valentines day, we are going snowboarding... I will post about that later!