Thursday, April 30, 2015

Who is This Kid?????

Who is this kid?????

Who is this kid who is such a good big brother??

Who is this kid who loves to play with his brother?

Who is this kid who ALWAYS helps his sister?

Who is this kid that knows exactly how to make his sister smile?

 Who is this kid who can be so gentle and loving?

 Who is this kid who is such a good friend?

Who is this kid who is so smart and can read to his family?

Who is this kid who made me a mom 6 years ago?

 Who is this kid that loves to get dirty and be silly?

Who is this kid that is growing up to be just like his dad?

Who is this kid that is good at EVERYTHING he does?

Who is this kid who will not stop growing up no matter what I say????

He is my BIG 6 Year old!!!!  Happy Birthday Baby!  I love you so much!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Did I Just See A Ninja???

We have some awesome Karate boys.  I got a coupon off of Groupon for 10 classes plus the uniform for 20$.  I could not say no!  Here they are in all their ninja glory!

Happy Birthday Baby Bean!!!!!

My sweet Lulu Bean is 1 year old today!!!!  The days have gone by so slow, yet the year has gone by so fast!  I really wish time would slow down.  Here is a recap of this wonderful year with our Bean...

April 24, 2014
Nicole Laurelle was Born...
The boys I were more excited than any of us!

I will never get enough of this picture!

 May 2014 (0 months old)
Here she is during her first month with us!  Her sweetness and personality made the first month transition so easy on us.  Although, at this point all she did was sleep, eat and poop!

June 2014 (1 month old)
I just love when babies start becoming more alert. 

July 2014 (2 months old)
At two months Lulu really started smiling.  I with I had more pictures of her toothless grin.

August 2014 (3 months old)
During this month she learned to roll over (I already can't remember if it was tummy to back or back to tummy) but this is the month we had to move her from the bassinet to her crib.

September 2014 (4 months old)
My Bean has always had a healthy appetite.  I thought for sure I would not start to feed her solids until 6 months.  But when she started to watch every bite I took, I gave in and she started eating solids.  And she loved it!  She also grew 4 teeth this month!!!

October 2014 (5 months old)
At 5 months, Bean started scooting and rolling to get to places.  With having two older brothers who are always on the move, Bean decided she needed to get moving too.  I remember this was the month that I left her on her blanket for tummy time and when I came back she was not even in the same room.  I was shocked and horrified that he could move so much!

November 2014 (6 months old)
This month, Lulu decided to get 4 more teeth, crawl and start pulling herself up on things.

 December 2014 (7 months old)
December brought us a girl who raced across the floor and cruised along the furniture.  It is funny how with my first two I could not wait for them to hit the next milestone and the next after that, but with Bean, all I want to do is enjoy the stages as they come, but with her they are coming and going too fast for me to enjoy!

January 2015 (8 months old)
At 8 months old, Lulu got on a swing for the first time and Loves it!  She also loves going for rides in her push car outside while the boys ride their bikes around her.  She is an outside kid just as much as the boys are!

February 2015 (9 months old)
Grammy and Grampy both bought Bean walkers.  She definitely prefers walking to crawling but still can not get the hang of doing it on her own.  For now, she likes to crawl and put EVERYTHING into her mouth that she can!

March 2015 (10 months old)
On March 23rd 1 day before she turned 11 months, bean started walking.  For a few weeks before that she would take a step or two before she would fall down and crawl.  But on March 23rd she finally got the hang of walking and decided from then on, she was going to be a walker (and runner).

 April 2015 (11 months old)
I don't think people realize how lucky we are in Arizona.  We have been playing outside for the past 7  1/2 months.  And in that time Lulu has decided that is where she is happiest.

April 24th 2015 1 Year Old

And of course, no birthday would be complete without a temperature!  My poor sweet girl!!!!!

Happy Birthday my beautiful, funny, sweet, happy girl!