Sunday, October 30, 2011


July is a HUGE month for us, and one I don't want to forget.  Besides the 4th of July which I've already blogged about we also celebrate both Tim and my birthdays.  I turned (and from this point forward will forever be) 29. 

For my birthday, and for the amusement of Arlo (who loves trains) we took a day trip up north and took a ride on the Verde Vally Train.  It was a beautiful ride and it was nice to get out of the heat and do something different with the boys.  Here is a few pics...

It has become a tradition of sorts to go up to Utah for the 24th of July.  We love it because it is easier for Tim to get off work, it is so much cooler in UT than AZ in July and, it lets Tim and Arlo legally celebrate with fireworks 2 times in the same month.   Usually we go up with no definite plans, but this year we were up for 10 days and we had plans every single day we were up there.  It was a BUSY, exhausting and extremely fun trip.

One of the fist places we went was to the Hogle Zoo with our good friends and their son.  It was a great time to go because the had a dinosaur exhibit throughout the zoo with life size dinos everywhere that made noise, moved and some even squirted water at you.  Arlo LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the dinosaurs as long as he did not get to close to them.  (It was pretty funny!)

We got in more friend time by going to the park and picnicking with Zupas.  (I have to eat there at least twice every time I go!)

The next few pics are of our afternoon of fireworks on the 24th.  The night is a blast because the boys get to spend all afternoon running around with their many cousins.

Arlo spent some bonding time with his closest cousin, Maebel.  They have the same bikes and helmets (not planned)  they were so cute together.

We went to Great Skate where they have a water park... which Arlo still talks about to this day... he had a blast.  We played in the water park, ate pizza, danced with a DJ and then went inside and played in the arcade.  The day was perfect and once again he spent it with his cousins.

(sorry I was screaming, the music was so loud... and if you are wondering what Arlo is doing in the second video, he saw another kid break dancing and that was his version of how to do it.)

We also went to Lagoon and Arlo had a BLAST!!!!!

We also spent a night with adults only where we went to Tim's favorite restaurant and celebrated his B-day.  That ended with the girls going out to a movie and the boys going home to pick up the kids.

We ended the trip by stopping on the drive home at Moqui's Cave.  Which was a much needed pit stop.

We all went home physically and mentally exhausted.  But it was well worth it!

The trip ended our very busy month of July.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Say Cheesy!

When I finally got to review the hundreds of photos we've taken over the past few months I noticed how cheesy Tow's smiles can be...  so here are some of my favorites.

And since I have two cheesy boys here are also a few of Arlo...

I hope these made you smile! 
My boys make me smile everyday... and I am so grateful for it!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Why?...Why Not?

So, I'm not even going to mention why it's been two whole months since I have blogged last, because there are too many reasons to list here.  And, although I have been bad about blogging about our little life... it does not mean that our life has stopped.  But before I forget with my HUGE catch-up blog, I wanted to write down a few things that Arlo has been saying.

Arlo: (Acting like a zombie... thanks Aunt Niki) BRAINS...BRRAAIINNS...BBRRRAAAIIINNSSS
Me: Arlo, What are brains?
Me: Arlo, Where are my brains?
Arlo: (With a smile) In your teeth caps!

Me:  Arlo, will you _________ (fill in blank)?
Arlo: Why?
Me: Because _________ (fill in blank).
Arlo: Why mommy?
-Repeat 3-4 times-
Mommy:  Arlo, PLEASE ________.
Arlo: Mommy.... Why not?
Whenever Arlo does not get the answer he wants with Why? He now asks Why Not?  Like it's going to change my mind.  He's funny, clever, and very irritating!

Arlo's names for Cohen:
My baby- Whenever someone else is trying to play with him
Baby brother- When he loves on him
Stinky boy- When he's asking about him... Where's my stinky boy?

In the grocery store:
We were going up and down the isles and just like every 2 year old, Arlo wanted everything and when I would tell him no, (usually to the sugary stuff) he would ask why, and my answer is usually along the lines of, 'because we don't need it' or 'we don't need it because it has too much sugar and it's not good for us'  among other things like 'because I said no'.  Well we were walking down the baking isle and he grabs a bag of marshmallows and instead of asking if he can have them, he looked at me and told me that
he NEEDS it. And so I asked him what he needed them for and he said 'CAMPING!'  Well that would have been a great answer if we were going camping but we were not going camping, and so he did not get marshmallows.  But it was to funny because he showed me how much he had been listening to me about not getting things we do not need, and he came up with a great reason why we would need marshmallows.  He is growing up so fast and not only is he looking bigger but he is getting to smart for his own good!

In the tubby:
Arlo was playing with the bubbles in the tubby when I asked him to stand up so he could get washed and he told me: "Hold on."  I said, "Arlo, when I tell you to do something, you need to do it."  Arlo replies, "hold on means HOLD ON MOM, mommy I said hold on."  I busted up laughing!