Friday, April 18, 2014

I'M OVER IT!!!!!

***Warning this post contains the rantings of a pregnant woman.***

Today was a bad day.  But before I go into why it was bad, I need to give some background information first.  Tomorrow (April 19th) is my due date.  It is my due date based off of my last menstrual cycle and conception date, and I am about 99% sure it is right.  However, according to my doctor and my first ultrasound, my due date is not until the 24th of April.  Yes, she had the audacity to push it back a full 5 days.  I also need to say that with my previous pregnancies, I have been induced because I have never... ever... ever...EVER shown signs of going into labor on my own (even after being a week late) and having a 9lb 10oz baby.

Now... back to today.

Today, I had my 39th week doctor appointment.  An appointment I was supposed to have had yesterday.  But, because my husband had school that night and could not miss it if I went into labor, he asked if I would move it to today.  I agreed because the reason for this appointment (besides all the regular stuff) was to start inducing my labor.  So, I went into my appointment today with all the hopes of having this baby today or at the least starting labor today.  I was completely devastated when the doctor informed me that she could not start inducing me today because her birthday was tomorrow and she was taking the day off.  However, if I had come in yesterday like I was supposed to, she would have.  Just not today.  It may not seem like a big deal, but when you are this close to the end and you start planning and expecting things to happen and they do not... well let me just say it was comparable to someone telling me my dog had run away.  I was crushed!!!

When I got home from my doctors appointment and I was talking with my husband, he very innocently asked my why a few days made such a difference.  I decided to go with the easier answer and tell him "Because it does"  but deep inside I wanted to scream and cry and yell at him all the reasons why a few days makes THE WORLD of difference.  And because I did not tell him then, I am now going to list all the reasons for those few men who read this blog, so they do not make the same mistake my husband did.

Reason #1&2:  I am over the pregnancy woes.  I have decided (because my dad reads this blog) not to go into detail about reason 1&2 because they are not something to discuss with the public but believe me when I say both reasons are painful, annoying and very hard to live with.
#3:  I am over waddling.  That is right I know I waddle but I also hate how much my hips hurt when I am out in public and trying NOT to waddle.  Both situations are annoying.
#4:  I am over heartburn!!!!
#5:  I am over Tums!!!!  If I never eat another Tums in my life I will be a happy woman.
#6:  I am over numb hands and feet.  This is a recent disturbance in my life, but about 20 times a day my hands and or feet go numb, with that tingly pins and needles feeling.  Yes, I have talked with my doctor about it and she said it is normal.  NORMAL???? For who???
#7:  I am over feeling nauseous if I do not eat often enough.  I finally stopped taking my Zofran at 7.5 months because I was not vomiting anymore, but still... to feel nauseous an hour after I eat is ridiculous!!!  I have a hard enough time gaining a 'normal' amount of weight, I do not need my body telling me to eat when I am not hungry!
#8:  I am over the hormones!  I am tired of being happy one minute then sad then angry.  I feel bad for my boys who have to deal with it every day.
#9:  I am over having to get up to tinkle 2-3 times a night.  Yes, I do know I will be getting up with the baby more often than that, but I would much rather get up to a beautiful baby girl than a toilet!
#10:  I am over having to wake up every time I need to turn from one side to the other when I am sleeping!
#11: I am over sleeping on my side!!!  I am a tummy sleeper, no more needs to be said.
#12:  I am over swollen ankles.  Who likes kankles?????  Not me!
#13:  I am over being used as a punching bag.  This little girl kicks 10 times more and 10 times harder than my boys ever did!  Add in 2-3 daily doses of hiccups and I feel that I am constantly rumbling from the inside out.
#14:  I am over getting crumbs on my belly.  And not just the outside of my shirt.  No, whenever I eat the crumbs fall down my cleavage and then sit on the top of my belly where my shirt rubs them into my skin making it itchy/uncomfortable.  And then I have to go to the bathroom and pull up my shirt to wipe the crumbs off.  So, annoying!
#15:  I am over _____ every time I sneeze.  No, I am not going to say it and I am not going to confirm or deny it if someone wants to fill in the blank... just know that pregnancy causes it.
#16:  I am over being fat!  Yes I know that pregnancy is a beautiful thing and that it is a miracle.  But at the same time I am carrying 20+ pounds of weight that I did not have 6 months ago.  And if you gain 20+ pounds in 6 months it is a lot of weight that you are not used to and things like walking and doing your day to day stuff is a lot more difficult.
#17:  I am over women telling me the baby will come when she is ready.  I think these people are stupid!!!!  The baby does not come when she is ready.  She does not decide that she wants to come out and start wiggling her way out.  It is the woman's body that gets ready.  And just like it is a complication when a woman's body decides to go into labor early.  It is also a complication when a woman's body does not decide to go into labor when it is time.
#18:  I am over complaining.  When I am pregnant I feel like I become a hypochondriac, or a negative nancy.  I hate being like that, and although I feel I hide it pretty well most of the time... there are days like today when I want to scream from the rooftops how horrible I feel and I want the whole world (AKA my husband) to pity me and tell me that it will be ok.
I could go to 20, but I feel that I have already given out way to much personal information today, so I will stop for all of our benefits:-)

I have been pregnant for just about a tenth of my life and believe me when I say, for me... pregnancy sucks!  Don't get me wrong, if I had to relive my life I would do it all over again, but for today and the rest of my pregnancy I am going to complain and whine and cry because I AM OVER IT!