Monday, April 16, 2012

Vehicle Rotation

So any of you who know Tim knows that he loves motorcycles.  Since we have been married he has owned 4 motorcycles.  

For the past few months he has been the proud owner of this chopper...

With summer coming (the heat) and with having two children, Tim finally decided to get rid of the motorcycle and get a little car that could fit the kids if needed.  While looking for a car he came across this bike...

The guy who owned this street bike wanted to trade Tim for the chopper.  Let's just say that Tim got the better deal.  But when I called to insure this bike I was completely disturbed to find out how much it cost.  So, one week later Tim sold the street bike and is now the proud owner of this beater...

It's actually a pretty decent car for the price.  And the best part about it all is with the money left over (because this car was quite a bit cheaper than what he sold the street bike for) he bought a new laptop. We've been through 3 vehicles in 3 weeks but I am sure when summer is over Tim will be ready for another bike :-) 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We've got....


While we were in Prescott on our vacation, we stopped by my Uncle Danny's house.  He lives on a horse stable, where there are horses,bunnies, chickens and all sorts of other fun things.

While we were there Arlo fell in love with the bunnies.  He kept asking for one, but I kept telling him no.  But each time he asked me, I got thinking more and more... Tim has wanted to get chickens for the longest time.  I hate chickens, I do not want anything to do with them, but Tim still decided to go out and buy all the material he need to make a chicken coop for our future chickens.  And if I let Arlo get a bunny, we could have bunnies instead of chickens... I finally decided to go ahead and let Arlo pick out a bunny.  He decided on a white baby bunny with red eyes.  When we asked him what he wanted to name it he decided on egg.  I thought it was a good idea but asked him if instead of egg we could call him Eggbert, and he liked it so, we put Eggbert in a box in the car and were getting ready to go.  Then, somehow between Danny and my 3 boys I was convinced that we could not take home just one bunny, we had to get it a friend.  So Tim went back into the bunny cage and got out a little black bunny.  This was to be Cohen's bunny.  Since Cohen is to small to name a bunny Tim and I went to work on a name.  Since Eggbert was white and the other bunny was black I decided to name it something the color of black with bert behind it.  Tim thought of coal, and so we named it Coalbert.

Here is Tim using his chicken coop material to build the bunnies a hut.

Here is the finished result.  He did a wonderful job!

SO......  Eggbert and Coalbert are now a part of the family.  I actually have really enjoyed them.  But, and it is a BIG BUT, the kids are still a little small for such little pets.

Eggbert is a get away artist, he does not really like the kids, if they get close, he runs away... fast!  It used to be a pain to get him in the cage at night, but I have learned to use food to get him in.  Coalbert on the other hand is a sweetie!  But he wants to be loved so when the kids get close he stays hoping to get scratched and loved.  The problem with having 5 little kids around bunnies is that they don't understand that love can hurt and as a result...

Coalbert has a damaged ear, a gift from Cohen who picked him up by that ear.

Limp ear and all, I like our new family members.  Let's just hope that they are both girls or both boys because I only want these 2!

Life on the Road

Back in APRIL (yes, long overdue post) we had a family vacation.  Tim had to take some time off, so we decided to not waste the time by spending it at home but to take our boys touring.  My Grandparents, so graciously let us borrow their little VW camper.  So this was our home for the next 5 days.

On our first day we got off, a lot later than we would have liked but we went down to the biosphere.  Le t me start off by saying, I took a field trip down there when I was in elementary school and the people were living in there and no one else was allowed inside.  I remember it being so exciting...  Well things have changed and I don't remember what al the fuss was about, but we had a good time anyways.

We were supposed to make it down to colossal cave for camping that night, but the park entrance closed at 5 and we missed the opportunity, so our first night was spent in a field!  But when your in a camper, who cares where you sleep right?

We did make it to the caves in the morning and it was pretty cool!

After the caves we were done with Tucson (for this trip) and if plans went as planned we would have gone to Tombstone or Rawhide or something along those lines and camped out for the night.  But, plans did not work out, so we found ourselves heading back to Phoenix to eat dinner at Organ Stop Pizza and sleep in our own beds for the night. (Because sleeping with two bed hog boys on twin beds it almost torture!!!!)

The next day my dad met up with us and we went up to Prescott for a day of Rock Hunting and a night of camping.  We also fit in the Prescott zoo, which was super fun!

Once again plans changed and we never made it up to the Grand Canyon or to Sedona, but we always have more time for that.  
We stayed on in Prescott for the next day and spent it with my Grandparents!  They are some of the most wonderful people I will ever know, and I love them and I am so grateful that my boys are getting to know their great-grandparents.

I did learn a few interesting things on this trip...
1) I feel bad for Cohen's future wife, he is the worst bed hog I have ever met!
2) I don't like car trips for long periods of time.
3) I LOVE camping with my boys!
4) My boys love camping!
5) I will never plan a trip on a tight schedule ever again!
6)  It would be fun to have a trailer/RV.
7) I love my family!