Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Addition

The time has finally arrived!  
We welcomed baby Cohen into this world on November 24th at 1:59 AM.
He weighed 8lbs 11oz and was 20 1/2 inches long.  (Although at the Dr. office on friday they measured him at 21 1/2 inches long)

To me he is perfect and beautiful and looks almost identical to Arlo when he was born.  I am going to post more pics and journal all the wonderful details later. 

So for now.... here is Cohen Austin Gooch.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The End In Sight!

Just a quick post...

I went to my doctor today and we have scheduled the big day!

I am scheduled for induction on Tuesday, November 23rd!

Now, correct me if I am wrong but that is only 1 week away!

It is so exciting and scary all at the same time.

SO... be on the lookout for Gooch #2!

For now...
As I look back on this pregnancy, I am just so thankful it was nothing like with Arlo.  My nausea was under control... I can count the times I threw up on both hands!  I did not swell, I did not gain as much weight, I could not have told you what week of pregnancy I was in, I did not have the constant pain under my right rib, I was not miserable!!!  I am not going to lie, there were a few moments I was not so happy being pregnant, but overall this pregnancy was wonderful compared to the last!!!  I would like to thank my little man Arlo, for keeping me pre-occupied ALL the time, it has helped bunches!  Now, I am not so nervous for the next pregnancies! Yes, there will be more Gooches to come!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Spooky Weekend!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Although this was not Arlo's 1st Halloween it was the 1st Halloween that we really got to celebrate with him.  I love this age, because I love watching him as he does new things.  I love watching him learning and growing and just being amazed with the world around him.

So here are some pictures of all the fun we had together!

I made ghost cookies for Arlo and his cousin Lani.  And then I gave them frosting and knives and let them go at it.  As you can plainly see they probably got more frosting in their mouths than on the cookie, and believe it of not both boys sat there and decorated their cookies for more than 30 minutes!  They were loving it!

On Saturday, our church had a "trunk or treat" party where there were games, a chili cook off (I didn't win;-() and then trick or treating out of the trunks of parked cars.  We got there in costume at about five, and watched as our little Dracula ran around and terrorized just about everyone and everything!  We ate our dinner and then had to run off to another party.  At this party, Arlo spent most of his time making ghost noises to all the ghosts that were EVERYWHERE!

I did slick his hair back, but we had been going for about 3 hours at this time so... I am just surprised that his costume is still clean!

Then on Halloween we got ready one more time and went out trick or treating for the very first time!  It was hilarious! Arlo tried to walk into every house that had a dog, he tried to give back candy that was given to him, he would not walk up to a few people and blew kisses to just about everyone!  He was such a charmer... everyone kept commenting on how cute he was.  (I knew it was not just me who thought so!) But really, it is his personality that charms everyone.  He is so independent and loving and strong headed about what he does and does not want to do, it just makes everyone laugh!

For trick or treating I did slick Arlo's hair back and paint it black.  I had to do it in his eating chair, while he was eating because he would not sit still otherwise.  And when it finally got done, he looked at himself in the mirror and laughed and then started chasing his dad with his head, so once again, the hair did not work out to well... but he is still a cutie.  Tim and I were super cheesy and bought sesame street shirts from good old walmart.  Arlo loved them, he was probably the only one.  But what do you expect from me being 37 weeks pregnant, I was not much in the mood for dressing up.

We also carved pumpkins!  Arlo loves cats at the moment so we carved this spooky black cat for him, and it didn't turn out to bad!

Overall, our weekend went by way to fast, but we had a wonderful Halloween!