Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gilbert Temple Open House

I consider my family very lucky to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS).  And as many LDS people already know, they have built a beautiful temple in Gilbert, Arizona.  I wish I was one of those people who could eloquently tell people about our church and our temples, but I am not.  So for those who read this blog that are not members of my faith and want to know more about our beautiful temples you can go to and find the link that is for our temples.  There will be videos and pictures and info better worded than I could ever do it.

This temple is the 4th in AZ and soon we will have a Phoenix and Tucson temple as well.  Every temple has an open house which lets members and nonmembers go through and see the inside of our temple before it is dedicated.  Tim and I, along with our boys, Grammy and Lani all went to tour the temple.  IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!

Tim's Hunt

Tim just got this video in today.  Since this was such a big trophy hunt he hired High Point Outfitters to do the dirty work of scouting and filming (among other things).  And this video is his proof.  For any of you out there who are squeamish about watching animals die... do not watch, because this beautiful creature is now in our freezer.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Day (week) of LOVE!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!
Here at our house I am a huge Valentines day girl.  Not for the reasons that most would think.  I do not care if I receive anything on Valentines day but I love to do things for others on Valentines day.  And now that I have kids, it is a great excuse to make and do things.  So we started with our close family Grammy, Grampy, Papa, Auntie Niki, and Cousin Lani.  We made special Valentines for them as well as 18 more Valentines for the other students in Arlo's preschool.

Then we had to make special treats for Arlo's teachers.  And after much discussion on what we should do for them, Arlo decided he wanted to make them cookies.  So that is what we did:-)

Here is Tow sneaking in bites of cookie dough.

Here are the cookies the boys made ALL BY THEMSELVES, for the cookies they got to eat.
And here are the cookies they made for Arlo's teachers.

Here are the boys frosting their cookies.  ( I was so busy micromanaging while frosting and sprinkling the teachers cookies to make sure knives, cookies and/or fingers were not being licked that I had no time to take pictures of them.)

Look at that cookie... I think there are more sprinkles on that cookie than in the sprinkle container.

This I had to take because of the frosting that has somehow gone everywhere.  Elbows, face and counter are not the only casualties... it was all over his shirt, pants and there was even frosting in his hair:-)

Here is Arlo at his valentine's party getting his box of valentines.

And this picture was just too cute to pass up.  This was after Arlo's party.  There is nothing better to a mother, than having two kids who love each other and take care of each other as much as my boys do.  If that is not the best Valentine's Day present, I do not know what is.

Another thing on our Valentines list was to heart attack a few friends.  The first is our good friends the Lusters.  I watch their girls every once in a while and Arlo and Cohen both adore them.  What a better way to say we love you than a bunch of hearts????  And where was Cohen while we were heart attacking??????

Asleep in the car.  :-) :-) :-)

After all this, we finally get to Valentines morning.  I don't like getting my boys a bunch of candy because heaven knows how much they will get from others, but I did get them a cute Star Wars candy and dry erase kindergarten books.  They loved them.  And in return I got flowers and candy, all picked out by my boys.  When they gave it to me they screamed... Happy Valentines Day my beautiful love!!!!!  Combine all of it together with pink heart pancakes and their Auntie Niki and it turns out to be one great morning.

My boys, decided to go to the store at 10 o'clock at night to get Auntie something special for V-day because we did not know she was coming until earlier that day.  But with those beautiful flowers and a card that lights up, whistles and says HOT, I am sure she knows how much she is loved!!!

Our heart attacking did not stop with the Luster girls... We had to attack our Grampy.  First we got his car, and then we attacked his house.

And just as we were finishing up, Grampy came home and caught us.  But it turned out ok because he invited us in for pizza and dessert.  (Ok, maybe Grampy knew we were coming and caught us on purpose;-)

Last, but not least, we had Grammy's house.  Who spoiled my boys with new swim suits and candy necklaces/bracelets.  But these candies were especially great because they had tongue tattoos on them.

In case you cannot tell what the tattoo is of, it is; nananananananana... BATMAN!!!

So overall, you can say we had a wonderful Valentines week!!!