Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth (And Stuff!)

The Circus is in town, and now that I have kids of my own, it was a great excuse to go.  So, we craigslisted some tickets and got 12th row end seats in the middle section.  They were THE GREATEST SEATS!  Arlo did amazing the first hour, he could not take his eyes off the show for even a second to take a pic.  Then his attitude slowly dwindled until the last few minutes when he was covering his ears and complaining that he wanted to go.  Cohen on the other hand was amazing the entire time.  He even took a little nap.  The pics turned out horrible because they were our cell phone cameras. (I did not want to bust out the Nikon in such a crowded, busy place).  But when we asked Arlo if he liked the circus when we left he very enthusiastically said YES!  Here are a few highlights!

Here are some pics of Tim and Arlo's first father and son's camping trip. (Hopefully first of MANY!)  Arlo had a blast and Tim was pleasantly surprised at how much fun they had and how good Arlo was.

A Diamondback's Game.  Arlo now LOVES baseball!

Irrigation + Arlo = Muddy Messy Fun

Arlo's New Haircut.
It took 2 popsicles and a lot of convincing, but he sat through it and is now Buzzed.

Our New(Used) Ride

My Handsome Boys

Friday, June 17, 2011

Turn of Tides

Schedule Of Events (Times are estimates):
7:30  We do our bed time routine and say goodnight to our boys.
7:40  I leave the boys room
7:45 Tim Leaves
7:45.01 Arlo starts crying (SOBBING) "Daddy, I need you"
7:55 Tim can't take it any more and goes back in
8:15 Tim tries to leave
8:15.01 Arlo starts to cry
8:15.10 Tim decides to stay a little longer
8:30 Tim tries to leave
8:30.01 Arlo starts to cry
8:30.10 Tim decides to stay a little longer
8:40 Tim leaves
8:40.01 Arlo starts to cry
8:40.02 Tim says something to Arlo, Arlo settles down, Tim gets out.

8:41 Tim says to me "Ha Ha He loves me more than you.... Finally... Yea!"
8:41.30 I say to Tim "Yea, he loves you more than me.... FINALLY!!!!!!!"

Am I a tiny bit sad?..........................................  Nope!

Happy Early Fathers Day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Whole Bunch of Random

These are some of my favorites of Cohen.

Arlo and his black eye.  This was the day of the swing incident... a few days later it was so much worse.

We went to a splash pad to meet up with some friends.  Arlo has never liked splash pads before but this time he had tons of fun jumping over each fountain.

 This is my friend Heather; Juli and Kyle were also there, but I din't get any pics of them.  But thanks to all of them for seeing me!  I missed them dearly.  Oh... notice Cohen's legs... so cute!
 He slipped and fell right before this picture.  I was very concerned:-)

 Cohen and the train.  Looks scared, but he actually loves it, always scoots over to it.  But when it comes close he starts to fuss.  Then, it passes and he tries to get it again.

Did you notice... he is up on all 4's?  He is trying so hard, but cannot figure out how to move those hands.

See the 4 bottom teeth?  That is right he has been at 8 teeth for a few weeks.

Do not know haw to explain this one...

2 little monkeys going to bed.

 Did you notice the hand holding in this pic and the next one?  Arlo loves his little brother!

Arlo's strange habit.

His fingers are crossed 50% of the time.  I guess he is my good luck charm!

In other Gooch news.  
We moved!  Hopefully we will will move again soon. (Seriously)
I'm pregnant... again!  (Really)
Of course not really!  I just want to see how many people are reading to the end of my blog.