Saturday, November 8, 2014

Family Pictures

These need no words...  My awesome family:)

For these next few, we had Grammy and Papa and Cousin Lani come join us for Grammy and Papa's Christmas gift.  If I do not say so myself, we are one good looking bunch;)

Happiest Place on Earth!

We decided to treat our wonderful boys with the trip of a lifetime!!  Since Bean has been around for 4 months and the boys were in much needed mommy/daddy time, we took a vacation form Bean and spent quality time with our boys.  And it was worth it!!!

A few things we had to do to get ready for the trip... buy Cohen Tennis Shoes with 1 inch heels.  In order to ride 90% of the rides at disney land you have to be 40 inches tall and he is only 39.5, solution, tall shoes, and it worked!  we had no problem at all with his new GEOX dino light up shoes:)

Grammy also had the boys earn money over the summer by giving them money for books they read.  They earned (and were given extra) money for lanyards and pins.  They loved the idea of it, but since we went at a dead time, there were not many employees who had on the lanyards where they could switch with them.  But they still loved them, and on the second day we decided to take off all the pins that they for sure wanted to keep and only kept on the pins that they wanted to trade with because as silly as it sounds, those lanyards got heavy with all the pins on them.

The first night we were in California, we went to Bennihanna's for dinner, and we all loved it.  The boys loved that they cooked our food right in font of us!

The next morning we started our Disneyland trip at California adventure, picked up a fast pass for the new Cars ride and enjoyed short lines the whole trip.  (Seriously, our longest line was 30 minutes and that was at a time when 5 of the other main attractions were down, our average wait time was about 5 minutes.)

Cohen LOVED the parade... especially because he got to see the real Buzz Light Year and other characters.  (the characters that walked around the park were just people with costumes on but the characters in the parade were real.)

And this is a picture of Tow, with the real TOW-Mater in the parade.

This is a picture of my boys waiting for the Bug movie to start at Bugs land.  Cutest Movie ever... definitely recommend going to see it, but then again, I do not know for sure how great it was because cohen was so scared we had to leave halfway through it:)

Bumper Cars...

Luigi Tires... Dumbest ride ever!!!!!!

Tow Round Up...

On to Disneyland...  Notice Cohen grumping away from our family picture:)

Splash Mountain.... believe it or not but this was Cohen's FAVORITE ride!  He called it the alligator ride and that is all he wanted to ride:)

While Arlo and I were riding the Matterhorn (Cohen was to small for it) Tim took him on the teacups!

It's a Small World... best ride ever for reasons I will tell you...
It all started out ok,

But then the music started.. and let's just say that Arlo thought the music was annoying, and Cohen thought it was the best song ever.  It was FUNNY!  And it was a good depiction of my boys' personalities.

By the end... Arlo was happy and told us he is never going on that ride again.  Where Cohen was so excited and wanted to do it again!

Another favorite of all of us... The Big Canyon Railway.

Tim saw Woody all alone so he got a picture:)

Tomorrow Land was probably our favorite part of Disneyland

Buzz Lightyear (which was so empty we walk right on to it over 5 times:)

Star Tours... 

AND>>>> The place where my boys became true Padawans>>>>>>

Cohen's favorite part.... the parades.

The one bad part about going to Disney during slow season was that a few of the main attractions were closed (space mountain and the haunted mansion).  And the park had shorter hours, which was actually good for us because I do not think the boys could have lasted much longer than what we did.  And even though the rides closed at 8, we stayed to shop and take pictures until the park shut down at 9.   It was a perfect trip!  The boys loved it and we definitely made some great memories!!!!!

The last night, we finally broke down and got the boys the big lollipops that they had been eyeing the entire trip.  They were so excited, and it was the last night:)

We let them finish them in the tub... It is a great trick I use... In the tub the water makes the lollipops disapear 10x's faster.  And by the end of the tub Cohen's was all gone and Arlo's was just about gone.  So we did not have to worry about keeping them until the next day.