Monday, March 18, 2013

Tumble Bug

Tim and I decided it was time for Arlo to start socializing a little bit more.  (Yes, even though I run a little day care from home.) So, we asked Arlo if he could do anything, what would he want to learn and do.  And his answer....

I want to learn to do flips like a ninja!

And so for his first class/sport/socializing event we put our boy in gymnastics!

He loves it!
His class is called the Tumble Bugs and he goes to Phoenix Gymnastics Academy.
Here is my little tumble bug ninja in action.
(Sorry for the glare, they don't let you inside the gym for pictures, they are taken from behind the glass.)
Doing a flip on the Bar

Doing a backwards somersault

Jumping on the Tramp

More flipping

Front somersault


And here is a video of our ninja...!!!!

I am also excited because we just enrolled him in Crossroads preschool and Kindergarten!  He took the last spot available in the 4's class.  He is so excited to start school and be a 'big kid'.  I however am not, so I only put him in the 3 day class instead of 4 or 5 day.  I think I would miss him too much.  The past 4 years have gone by way to fast!