Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful for Birthdays

Happy Birthday Cohen!!!!!

Newborn Tow 

Today is a day of thanks, and my birthday boy could not have chosen a better day to celebrate his 1st birthday on; because, I am so thankful for my boy. 
1 Month Tow

As I look back on this hectic year, I am so thankful for how far we have come as a family.  The year turned out far different than I expected.  The first three months I had Cohen, I fully expected to be sleep deprived and crazy from having a newborn that needed me constantly.  
 2 month Tow

What really happened was (besides being sleep deprived) my Cohen was a sweet heart and perfect, it turned out to be Arlo who made me crazy those first three months.  
 3 month Tow

Cohen was a perfect baby, he was happy in my arms, he was happy in the swing and when he became more alert he was happy just laying on his mat, the kid was always happy.  
 4 month Tow

Then, at 4-8 months Cohen became a blast to watch as he was learning and exploring new things and starting to become mobile.  He hardly ever cried, and when he did it was only because he was tired or hungry.  
 5 month Tow

When I put him to sleep, all I have ever had to do was lay him down in his crib and he would fall right asleep.  
6 month Tow

If there was one thing I could change about Cohen and this past year it would be keeping him asleep once he fell asleep.  
 7 month Tow

Months 4-8 went better with Arlo as well, as he got more used to Cohen being around and less a turd about everything else, life with 2 kids finally felt like it was manageable (busy but manageable).  
 8 month Tow

Then came months 9-12.  During this time Cohen learned to climb, started teething 8 more teeth and both boys were going through colds like they couldn't get enough of them.  
 9 month Tow

So needless to say, these last few months have probably been the hardest.
 10 month Tow

Which is not supposed to happen, because everything was going so well!  I guess I should know better.
11 month Tow

Cohen, you are such a blessing.  I could not have begged Heavenly Father for a better kid than you.  You are a sweetie, a lover and my favorite youngest boy!  
12 month Tow

As this year comes to an end, I want to make sure I thank my boys (men as Tim calls it) for this crazy wonderful year.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Special Talents

Here is Cohen walking with swagger:

And here is Arlo singing his favorite song (right now) The Farmer and the Dell.
(Notice how he says 'a rap taste like a mouse') (in other words a rat looks like a mouse)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boys being Boys

Life with kids is so fun.  With Arlo I celebrated every little new thing he did, while at the same time I could not wait for the big milestones.  With Cohen, it (sadly) takes the bigger things to grab my attention and when a big milestone comes around I just want him to stop growing up.

The past few weeks I have really been trying to pay attention to my Tow and celebrate his little and big accomplishments.  His favorite things to do right now are:
Playing Peek-a-Boo
Waving: He can wave 2 different ways first, by opening and closing his hand and the other by waving his hand back and forth.

Giving High Fives
Playing the binki sharing game: this is where he gives you his binki for you to put in your mouth and then he laughs and takes it back and puts it in his mouth.  We swap a lot of spit but it is worth it to see the smile on his face.
Clicking his tongue
Sitting in Chairs

Playing ball: We sit on the floor facing each other with our legs spread out and Tow throws the ball (if we're lucky it stays in the circle of our legs) and then I get it and throw it back to him.  He can do it for a good 10 minutes.
Hands up in the air:  I sing (usually while we are eating) 'throw your hands up in the air-er and wave them like you just don't care-er.'  And Tow laughs and puts his hands up in the air and shakes them.

Copying his older brother:  Towen loves his big brother he wants to be just like him.  One game that we play in the tubby is dinosaurs.  Arlo has about 6 toy dinosaur bones that we use in the tubby, they all have names and we play pretend with them everyday.  Cohen loves this game and while Arlo and I are playing dinosaurs, Cohen will get one and put his dinosaur up to ours and start making noises like he is talking for the dinos just like his big brother and me.

Loving on his big brother:  Arlo cannot sit on the floor EVER without Cohen crawling up to him and attacking him.  He basically tackles him to the floor every time he is on the floor.  He just crawls right on top of him and starts laughing.  And of course Arlo loves it.  He just lies down and says over and over "Towen loves me!"  and that is the truth.  Towen LOVES his brother. (this video is the opposite)

Cuddling:  So I guess this is not so much of an accomplishment, but it is something I like to brag about.  My boy is a cuddler.  He loves for me to hold him (with his blanket) and he just puts his head right into my neck and lays there.  Sometimes as long as 30 minutes.  He is a lover!

Now, there are also some things that Cohen does that I could definitely live without.
Back Arching:  Cohen is now at the age that when he does not want to do something he will let you know by very, very quickly arching his back and screaming.  He does it when you pick him up and he does not want to be picked up, or when you put him down when he does not want to be put down.  When you put him in his exersaucer or bouncer or car seat.  (He does not like to be constrained... he has to be free.)
Eats Everything:  This may sound like good news, and it is when he is in his high chair, but when he is on the floor, he puts everything into his mouth.

Gets into everything:  Cupboards, dishwasher, shelves, cabinets, pantry, drawers, closets... if he can get into something, he does.

Teething:  He is getting 8 teeth right now.  Yes EIGHT.  He already has eight, he got all 8 of those when he was 4 months.  Luckily, he has not gotten another tooth until now.  The two, top, left teeth have just poked through within this last week.  The other 6 are big, red, gummy mounds that look so painful.

Cohen's BIG milestone that he is working on right now is WALKING.

He took his first steps on October 28th.  He was holding onto the couch (like he always does) turned and started walking to me.  He took 3 steps before he fell.  Of course, I had to go get the camera and when I came back I made him try again and again and again.  He did not do as well as the first attempt.

Eventually on November 8th he got in 8 steps as he was walking from me to our pirate ship in the back yard. (I love being home where I can witness all his first!)  Now, he is at the point that he tries to walk every time he stands, which is all the time.  He only lasts 3-10 steps at a time before he falls down.  But I am guessing by his birthday he will be a full blown walker.

Arlo, my big boy is such a blast to watch.  He is so funny and so entertaining.  He does not stop talking... ever, and no surprises here, but he LOVES to be the center of attention.  He is talking so wonderfully, but there are a few things that he still messes up on.  Whenever he talks about senses he uses 'tastes like' for the sense.  Example: going through the tunnel- it tastes (looks) like a jungle, hears a fire truck it tastes (sounds) like a fire truck.  He now knows the difference between girls and boys and says that boys are handsome and girls are "beauuuiful" but whenever he talks about girls and boys they are always he or him.  As far as talking goes, he still has major speech issues (his c is a t sound, l is a w and r is a fr at the beginning of words and these are just a few examples), but his little voice is so high for a boy, it is so funny to listen to him.  He is also the only one that is allowed to say prayers in our house.  He cannot finish a prayer with out telling his Heavenly Father thank you for the crickets and lizards and 'mops' (moths), sometimes 2 or 3 times.

A few of Arlo's favorite things right now are helping his daddy fix things and going to the man store (home depot) in his daddy's truck.  And anything else as long as it's with his daddy.

He loves to help me cook and clean, he does a wonderful job 50% of the time with helping me pick up his toys.  He loves going to QT for icees, loves to play football and soccer and yell 'Go Utes' whenever he is playing any sport.

Arlo loves to play make believe with his dinosaurs.  He loves find bugs and make them his best friends and will, many times, cry when he has to let them go home to their mommies and daddies.  After he lets them go he will cry to me, 'he was my best friend'.  (If he only knew that he usually killed them before he let them go.)
But, as much as Arlo loves bugs, on November 4th he woke up at 3 AM and came into my room crying that there were bugs in his bed and asked if he could sleep with me.  It was his first nightmare so I let him crawl into bed with us.  He had such a hard time falling back asleep that by the time he did fall back asleep, I left and went to sleep in his bed.  When Arlo woke up in the morning and found me in his bed he yelled to me, "Mommy, there are no more bugs in my bed!"

Here are a few more cute pics of my boys.  I am so grateful for my boys, but I do hope that one day I might get my girl!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Gooches 2011

The Family Pics

Pics Of Us With Our Boys


The Birthday Boy, Cohen

And My Favorite: My Boys

Can I tell you how much I loved these pics... especially when compared to my dreaded Target Photo Shoot we did last year.  Michelle our photographer with Jasper and Josephine did a wonderful job and she was very quick as well as very affordable.  And I don't mean photography affordable... I mean busy family, stay at home mom affordable.  

And for those of you who receive our Christmas card... sorry... but you can act surprised when you see them again on the card. :-)