Monday, October 12, 2009


Okay, so just a warning up front, this blog is purely just to brag!!!! So do not read unless you want to be insanely jealous!!!

This weekend Tim and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary by going on vacation!! I know our anniversary was a month ago, but we had to postpone celebrating it until this weekend. So it all started on Saturday when we took Arlo to grandma's house for the weekend. Then Tim and I drove all the way to... wait for it... Phoenix, AZ!!! (I was willing to drop the baby off, but I did not want to be to far from him, just in case!) We booked a hotel room at the beautiful Arizona, Grand. Where we stayed sat, sun and mon. We spent the weekend enjoying one another company, shopping, going to the water park, going to the movies, sleeping in and going to the spa. I loved all of it, as much as I didn't think I would enjoy being away from my baby for so long, I really loved being with Tim! My husband really is the best husband in the world. All weekend long he did whatever I wanted to do, he watched a girl movie with me, he opened all my doors and we talked. Not like how was your day talk, but real conversation like we had when we were dating! It was so much fun being around him, and although the vacation spot could have been better, I could not have been with better company!!! Baby... I LOVE YOU!!!!

Now, if that did not make you jealous then listen to how we ended our wonderful staycation. Today, we slept in and when we woke up we both went to the spa where we got an hour-long couples massage and then Tim's fun was over he had to go back to work, but my fun kept going with a facial, a manicure and a pedicure. That's right 4 hours of relaxing, me time! How many brand new mothers can say they have had that? And, I loved every selfish second of it!!!

I love my life!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fit Bit

Okay, I am so excited! Last year for Christmas my brother swore he got me the best christmas present, but it was on backorder. I thought... ok, whatever, it is my brother after all, I was not expecting much. A few days past Christmas, then a few weeks, then a few months and around July (my birthday) my brother told me he hoped his present he bought me for Christmas would come in time for my birthday. At this point I had totally forgotten all about his present and I begged him to tell me, what in the world would be on backorder this long. So he gave me the link and told me to go check it out. ( The fit bit is a really high tech pedometer. Except not only does it count your steps, it calculates your calories burned, tells you all about your sleep cycles like how much deep sleep vs. light sleep you get through the night. It connects to your own personal web page where you set goals, enter what you eat and much more! It sends information (while still on me) to the base (where it charges) every 15 minutes it updates my computer page for me, so when I get on at the end of the day it is all updated, except the food log. Well, I am so excited because I still have a few more baby pounds to lose and there is no better push to lose the dreaded baby weight than this... and the beautiful mornings that we are now having so I can go out and run! THANK YOU BRYCE!!!!!!!