Monday, July 27, 2009

3 months in 3 days!!!!

It is almost official! My precious baby boy will be 3 months old on July 30th! And when I weighed him (on a baby scale) he weighed 15lbs. 14oz. He is my beautiful HEALTHY baby boy and so much has happened in these past three months! Arlo is now aware of his limbs and can grab his arms and legs, he stands really well (with adult help), he has been sleeping through the night (9 whole hours last night!), and he is now giggling! He is growing up so fast.

The next two videos are Arlo's happy and sad faces.

With this video, I would like to warn you... it is the morning time, I have not yet gotten ready for the day so do not pay attention to me when I occasionally get in the shot. But, also know that I was trying to do tricks with my dog Bronco (When you say bang! bang! he rolls over on his back) while holding Arlo, while video taping. So my hands were full, but you will understand why I did what I did because Arlo's giggle is the BEST!!!!! Plus this is only his 3rd time giggling like this, so I was proud that I actually got it on tape! And the mess in the background is laundry that I just finished folding.

This video is of Arlo doing the opposite of giggling! He is just so cute when he is mad!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catch Up!

This will be a long blog because the last few weeks have been so filled with fun and family and trips! 

It starts out with Tim leaving and driving up to Utah for his baby brothers homecoming.  He just finished his mission in Guadalahara Mexico. (I do not know how to spell it.)

Then I flew up a few days later with Arlo to introduce him to Tim's family!  At the same time, Tim's sister Becky gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl, whom they named Maebel.

Then we left Tim's family to meet up with my ENTIRE family for a family reunion in Ritchfield Utah.  Here we did lots of things....

We stayed at the Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort...

We went shooting...

We hung out around a campfire...

Arlo celebrated his first 4th of July.  He absolutely loved the fireworks, his eyes got so big and wide every time they exploded in the air!

(I do not have pictures of this... it was to dark!)

And had a great time!

Tim had to go back down to Az for a whole week of work, I stayed behind in Ut
ah where Arlo and I relaxed and had a great time being with Family.

Then, Tim came back up and we blessed our baby boy.  It was a special day because we did bless him in Utah instead of our home ward because like I said, Taylor, Tim's little brother came home and was giving his homecoming talk in their parents ward, we decided since his family was not able to be their for Arlo's birth we could bless him while everybody was together.  I think that day our friends and family made up more than half the ward (NO JOKE).  But Tim gave the most beautiful blessing I have ever heard and Arlo slept the whole time.  It was great, he has never slept in church before!  

Then, the next day we took Arlo for his first road trip from SLC to Phoenix and he did wonderful.  He slept for the 1st half and then he only really had one real bad crying episode, so we stopped in Cameron to take pictures and get him out of his seat for a while.  But I was pleasantly surprised that Arlo did so well.  

Now, we are finally back home and I am so grateful!  I love being home and now we are going to start putting Arlo on a schedule to help him sleep through the night.  So wish us luck!