Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and Baby Update... of course!

I want to start this blog off by letting everyone know what I am thankful for this year!
Most of all I am thankful for my Heavenly Father who loves me and I know He loves me because He has blessed my life so completely! I am thankful for a husband who I love more than anything. I am thankful for a child who brings such joy to my life. I am thankful for our jobs, our home, our friends and our family!

As for my child and his update, well I just can't believe all that he is doing now. It was like one day he was stuck wherever I put him and now... he is sitting up, crawling, pulling himself up and eating (a little bit and very picky) but still he is eating! So here are some picks to show off my little man! ENJOY!!!!!

The first time Arlo ate a food that he liked! He is just like his mom!!!

Arlo with his most favorite pal!

Crawling Arlo!!!

Cute teething Arlo with 6 TEETH and more coming in!!!

My first Thanksgiving dinner that I cooked. By two brothers and my nephew came over to celebrate it with us!!!

Arlo's very 1st time pulling himself up! And it has been nonstop ever since!!!!

Thanksgiving on Friday in Prescott with the Grandparents!!!

Arlo and I in front of the Christmas tree!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So my little guy started crawling today! He's been scooting around (which looks a lot like the worm) for a few weeks now but yesterday he actually moved his arms with his legs two times. And today it was more like five and then the worm... then five hand and leg movements... then the worm... and on and on. I am just so proud of my baby. I wish it wasn't so early, but it is... so I am a one proud mama!!!!!!

This video is about 1 week after... from the 1st blogging about it!