Friday, February 26, 2010

The most interesting hour... and catch up!

So, most everybody knows I am a working mom.  By the time I pick up my precious baby and get home it's about 4:30.

We get home, I make dinner, I feed my baby, I clean up and before I know it, it's 6:00.

Then I get it... I get one precious hour to spend with my bundle of joy, doing the things that he wants to do.  Fitting a whole day of fun into one short hour.

So what do we do in that hour of fun?  Well today it was the greatest!

First Arlo got ahold of Mommy's hands and wanted to walk, so in our little home Arlo walked his Mommy from the couch to the door one, two, three, four, five... times.  Each time we walked to the door he would stop and look at the two holes in our floor (We have travertine tile and Tim wanted to get the unfilled travertine so we could do it ourselves and when we installed it we filled in the top of the travertine but we did not think to fill in the bottom and now we have two holes that have caved in from the bottom and I am just to lazy to re-grout them).  Then on the way back to the couch he would practically run because the faster he went the more Bronco would wag his tail.  Arlo would just laugh as he turned around to walk the same track again and again and again.

After about 25 minutes of walking back and forth (about 14 1/2 laps) Arlo was walking past the kitchen when he suddenly became distracted by the spoon he had dropped earlier (from dinner, the one mommy looked and looked for and couldn't find.)  So for the first time in what seemed like forever we got off the track we had been on to go get our spoon.  When Arlo realized he had to actually let go of my hands and get down on his knees to get this spoon he decided it wasn't worth it and got right back on the track.

After about 15 more minutes of the same routine Arlo finally decided he was getting tired of walking, so we walked over to Arlo's play area where he proceeded to smoosh his face into a big fluffy pillow and pick up his arms so he was literally laying on his head and screaming into this pillow.  Every time he would look up from his pillow and see me, I would smile at him and say "Peek-a-boo"  and then he would put his head back down into the pillow pick up his hands and start screaming again.

This game lasted for about 15 minutes and then we went back to our toys and regular games.

Seriously?  This is what he wanted to do for our hour of fun? My kid cracks me up!

Here are some cute pictures of Arlo on the swings.  He has to wear a bib right now ALL the time because he is teething and we go through 3-4 of them a day!  He soaks them.
We also went to see the fishes at Bass Pro Shop.  He LOVED them!
Arlo really loves being outside!  But when he cant be outside he will do everything he can to at least look outside. :-)

And what finishes a blog post like cute bathtub pictures?  He is just to cute!  And don't even ask about the cut on his head.  Yes I know it is there.  Yes I did it to him.  No I do not beat my child... it was an accident!

Monday, February 8, 2010

9 months;-)

9 months here we come....
Actually Arlo was 9 months last month on the 30th, but I still want to give my update!
We went to the doctors and found out lots of great information like...
Arlo is 31 inches tall, 22.5 lbs and has a 18 inch head.  He also has an underbite which means we are going to have major orthodontic bills.

The past few weeks have been filled with new tricks and new sides of Arlo that we have never seen before!
For example, Arlo is now clapping all the time!

He used to clap and not really know what he was doing... now he is clapping for the result of everyone around him clapping at him... it is soooooo cute!

He is also learning to blow bubbles in the bath!

It is hard to see in this picture but there are bath bubbles all over his face because he thinks it is so cool to act like a spaz and fall over in the tub (on his tummy) and then freeze... put his face in the water... and blow.  He comes from a family of swimmers and he is proving that he will live up to the Boone expectations for him! I am one proud, proud mama!

He is also learning to hold his bottle all by himself!

He is in his box right now (the shadow), and he loves being independent and holding his bottle.  The only problem that I am having right now with Arlo holding his bottle is that as it gets to the end he likes to shake it all around and get milk everywhere (which is why he is in his box;-))

His biggest accomplishment as of yet is standing up all by himself without support.  I know I posted about this before, but that was when he would already be standing and let go for a max of like 5 seconds before he fell down.  Now, he pushes up from the ground to stand up all by himself, he also pulls on everyone and everything to stand up, let go and then clap for himself because he is standing all by himself.  He has gotten so good at standing up all by himself that he can do it for about 20 seconds clapping and shaking his head in excitement.  I would post a picture of this, but I have realized that I do not have any pictures of him standing on his own, I do have about 10 videos of it, but I do not know how to get them from my Sony camcorder to my mac (HELP!!!)

This past few weeks Arlo has really been showing his wild side.  He really, Really, REALLY loves stuffed animals and when he sees them... all he wants to do is give them love.

 Wow! An animal, I love these!
 Look how excited I am!
  I want to give it love!
 More, More love!
  Okay, that was fun... What's next???

We went to the Chocolate Festival this weekend... Tim hated every second, but the weather was perfect and I ate some wonderful chocolate!  And while I was there look who I saw...
   yes that is right, Captain Jack Sparrow himself!!!  The festival was actually filled with a bunch of dirty hippies (which is why Tim was so miserable!)  

After the Chocolate festival, we went to my Moms to play and I made a bet with my step dad that the Colts will win the superbowl and as many of you now know... I lost!
Peyton I am so disappointed in you!  Not because I lost money, but because you let me down.  I trusted you and you broke my heart! I am done with football!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm done!!!

I'm done teaching!  I have been trying and trying to get through this year!  I wake up and put on my happy face.  I hold back my tears when I drop off Arlo at the babysitters and then I go to work and try to put on a big show while trying to teach 27 five and six year olds to read and write.  I think I have done a great job so far.  We just received our yearly projections comparing my class this year to my class from last year and I am doing just as well as I did last year but the only problem is that I am DONE!  My heart is not in it any more and my happy face is getting harder and harder to put on.  My only saving grace is that I do love my class this year!  I have one of the most loving classes that I have ever had and I honestly think I get over a hundred hugs a day.  But even though I love my class this year there is nothing more that I want than to stay at home with my baby!  So if there is anyone out there that has millions of dollars that they want to give away...I will be happy to take it off your hands!