Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two thousand eight hundred and eighty hours

That's right... Two thousand eight hundred and eighty hours is equal to 17 weeks and one day or in Cohen's life... 4 months!

Cohen is 16 lbs 11 oz, 26 1/2 in, with a head circumference of 16.85 in.  He has the most beautiful, big, blue eyes you have ever seen.  He wears a size 3 diaper and 6-9 month clothes.

His bottom left tooth has been 'right there' for literally 2 weeks but just popped out on March 30th.

He stands/sits in his exersaucer, plays with his hands and feet, laughs and smiles at everything, and has been able to control his head since he was 2 months.  (Strong boy!) He is also rolling over from his stomach to his back, although it looks more like he rolls onto his side and then falls on his back... it is pretty funny to watch.

He has never slept more than 6 hours at a time at night in fact he usually wakes up AT LEAST 4 times a night.  He is starting to get on a day schedule of a morning, middle of the day and an afternoon nap and he always goes to bed around 8:30.  After his 4 month Dr. appointment and telling his pediatrician about his horrible sleeping habits, she said it was about time that I sleep train him.  She suggested the Ferber method but altering it to fit our needs.  So, on the night of March 29th I put my baby to bed (he falls asleep just fine, I never have to rock him he has always been able to fall asleep by himself.) and after only 1 hour he decided to wake up.  So, I went to his crib and I patted his back and told him I loved him until he fell back asleep... about 7 minutes.  Each time he woke up I would do the same routine of patting his back and telling him I loved him.  He woke again at 11:00 for 10 minutes, at 2:00 he woke up and I was able to feed him and then at 4:00 AM he decided to wake up but by this time he was MAD that I was not holding him or feeding him.  After 1 hour of "my routine" and both of us crying, I decided I have had enough and so I scooped him up in my arms, he fell right back asleep and we slept together until morning.  I thought for sure I had ruined my night of sleep training, but I am proud to say that since that night we have finally gotten on a schedle I can work with.  The next night and every night since he wakes up at 2:00AM for a feeding and then not again until 6-6:30 when he wakes up for the day.  Yes, with one night of sleep training we went from 4-6 night awakenings to only 1.  If I would have known it was that easy (kinda) I would have done it a month ago.

Cohen is my Sweet boy.  When he was brand new, he started out kind of needy (yes I know that all newborns are needy)  but he wanted to be held and bounced all the time, or he cried. I think he was a colic baby.  But that has worn off, he still spits up all the time but he is always so happy and smily.  I just LOVE watching him.

I had to add in this next picture because we all laughed about it... Whenever we go visit Grampy, Cohen always spits up all over him.  It has become a joke with Cohen and his grampy because no matter if Grampy is prepared with a cloth or if Cohen hasn't fed in over 3 hours he will always manage to spit up on him.  On this day, grampy finally managed to doge the bullet,  and just happened to catch the spit up in a rag before it got all over him.  He laughed and told Cohen that he had finally beaten him.  Well a few minutes later Cohen got him back by..... well take a close look and you will see how Cohen had final say!
Sorry grampy, but now you know for sure who's the boss!
(By the way... it came out the bottom end ;-)