Sunday, July 18, 2010

I love my Husband! And my Birthday!

Last Thursday was my big 28!

I had a wonderful day that I spent with my family.  But like all my birthdays, it does not end after one celebration.  I like to have lots of celebrations.  So, on friday I woke up to find my birthday cards next to my pillow.  My husband had already went to work for the day and my baby let me sleep in!  They are really too sweet.

But the day really started around noon when my husband got off work early to spend the afternoon with us, where my dad, Tim, Arlo and I went out to eat and then went shopping... for me of course.  When we got back from shopping my dad watched Arlo while Tim and I got dressed up and went out for a night on the town.  Literally!

Tim took me to The Top of the Rock, a restaurant that overlooks phoenix, where I had the best steak of my life!  Then took me to the Hale theater in Gilbert where we watched a musical.

This was probably the best birthday I have ever had!  And a much needed date night!  Tim and I realized that although we have gone out a few times without Arlo, this was one of our first dates where we were not rushed or in a hurry to get back to him.  We enjoyed ourselves so much we decided that it needs to happen more often.  (Lets see if it really does or not especially with another one on the way!)

I would post a picture here of our wonderful night, but I have been HORRIBLE with taking pictures lately.  I really, really need to get back on the ball...  So next post will be a picture post... I hope!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Boy # 2

Today was my 20 week ultrasound!
Here is what I'm cooking!  WARNING... he is a cutie!

Yes he is smiling in this picture!  No it is not gas!

I can't wait to buy bunk beds!!!