Thursday, March 26, 2015

Before It's Too Late!...!

So... It is almost the end of March, and I have not blogged for almost two months.  I love to come up with excuses... I mean REASONS... why I have not blogged for the past two months.
#1 - 3 kids is way more than I can handle.  I know this sounds bad, but it is true... between cleaning up after Bean, getting Arlo to and from school every day, getting Cohen to and from school on Tues & Thurs, taking them to hockey practice, piano, karate and gymnastics, taking care of the house inside and outside (and by this I mean barely staying afloat), doing laundry, getting homework done, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, and spending a little bit of time with my children just to play and doing most of it by myself... I am done and I am tired and I do not want to blog.
#2 - lately, I feel the stuff I could blog about, I have blogged about before.  I mean how many posts do you want to see about the zoo, or the science center, or the crazy weird stuff we make and do???
#3 - Did I mention how crazy my life is with 3 kids???  Oh... well it IS! :)

With that being said, April is almost here and April is a busy month.  We have Easter and Niki's, Lulu's and Arlo's Birthdays this next month, and the rest of March is filled with early Easter parties and Grampy's Birthday!  So Thought I should catch us up before we cannot make it up.  These pictures are all from January and February... we have been busy!!!

Here is a cute picture of Lulu to get us started.  This is one of the last pictures you will see with her having a bow on.  She loves to take them off as soon as you put one on.  I have tried so hard to put one on everyday so she would not do that, but it did not work!

Zoo with Elora!

 Here they are being flamingos:)

Here they are being Elephants!
Mostly, I just like posting pictures of Arlo and Elora together, because one day they will get married and I will have to look back on my blog and get all the pictures of them together when they were young!
Selfie with Bean!
Cohen loving on his sister.
I have tons of these!  She LOOOVVVEEESSS her food!
Cohen had a snow day at school.  It was so much fun!

Here is Benny the Bear from kindergarten, Arlo loves to have adventures with him... This time they made a fort.

And Arlo took Benny for a ride on his motorcycle.
Speaking of motorcycle... look at this dare devil!
And Cohen is getting more and more adventurous as well, he has learned how to ride a two wheeler (with pedals:)

And since he learned to ride a bike, he can now ride the motorcycle as well!
And, although it is not quite as adventurous... Bean has learned how to clap.  And now that she can do it... she does it ALL THE TIME!!!!
She also loves to dance! She is pretty much amazing!
Surprise, surprise!  Here is a few more of Lulu Bean... Post eating:)

And during mealtimes like that, this is usually the result, a quick rinse off in the kitchen sink:)  Unless we are at Grammy's house, she is banned from bathing in the kitchen sink because she was accused of pooping in the sink.  Which is preposterous of course!
Lulu's first time in the swings:)  She loved it!

Making Ninja Bread Cookies with Auntie Niki

Grampy joined in the fun as well!

I believe they took one bite and threw the rest away because after all that... they were disgusting:)  But they made wonderful memories!
Playing in the mud!

Bean is a water baby through and through!  She LOVES her tubby time.  And I love her tubby time because it is the one time of the day where she is happy staying in 1 spot!!!!

More adventures at the zoo... this time with Grady and Brynlee:)
Grammy bought Bean a new walker toy... She LOVES it!  She just loves walking!!!
Cohen decided to use the Ninja Bread Cookie Cutters and make Ninjas out of play dough!  Super fun times:)
Did I mention Bean never stays in one place... well here she learned to crawl on the fire place.
In February, Tim had to work in Utah, so he brought us along as well!  We went to the aquarium with my Aunt Shauna and had a blast!

We stayed with Aunt Stacy and she read to the boys.

Here is my sleeping princess!  I sure do love her when she is perfect like this.
Happy Valentines Day!  I waited too long to get Lulu a Valentines dress, so I got this one... it was just as cute as a Valentines dress, and can be worn more often:)

More Crafts from my artist!

Grammy was the lucky recipient of this beautiful piece of art!

What do you know?  Another One!

This dress was given to Bean from Grandma and Grandpa GG.  She looks so pretty in it, I had to share.
The past few months we have been dealing with nightmares and waking up at night and being too terrified to go back to sleep.  It was a nightly occurrence for Arlo. (Yes Arlo, not Cohen)  We tried everything, sleeping in a bed on the floor in mommy's room, Mommy snuggling in his bed, repeating over and over, "I will be brave, I will be brave", locking all the doors and windows before bed, talking about our wonderful dreams before we go to sleep, etc...  None of it worked.  Finally, he started crawling into bed with Cohen and that helped.  So, we let them do it!
Grammy and Papa took the boys to the renaissance fair and the boys were spoiled rotten!  They brought back wooden swords and shields and asked to paint them.  I told them sure, why not... and this is the finished products:)
Lollypops? In the tub?  Believe me, it is the only place they should be!  
 Bean got a new toothbrush to clean those beautiful teeth of hers, and she loves it... but she loves the boy's sonicare toothbrushes more!

 I wish I new what day this was on.  This is the first picture I got of Bean standing up on her own without any support from anything else.  I was so proud.
 And here is a picture of the walker Grampy got her to keep at our house!
 Arlo's school fair... was so much fun!  Grammy came with us and spoiled us all!

 We won the raffle for this zombie basket.  I was so excited we won, but really disappointed it was the zombie basket instead of one of the cool baskets we wanted!

 Cohen begged to go to the Science center, so we went.  Lulu had a great time!

 We also went to the book fair and got lots of new, fun books to read!
 More adventures with Benny!!!

 The boys also started Piano!  Here they are with their teacher Mrs. Tina

 This is Jeanie.  This is the lady I take care of when my mom needs a break.  And this is us celebrating her 92nd birthday!
 Here we are at the dentist.  Making sure our teach are nice and clean!  They both were cavity free!
 Cohen could not take his x-rays because he kept gagging on the film.  He has his dad's gag reflex!

 One super awesome thing we did over spring break was go to the butterfly wonderland!  It was really fun!

 The rest of spring break I do not have pictures of because they went with Grammy and Papa to Sea World!  Lucky Boys!!!

Here is a video of Arlo who learned to tie his shoes (back in December:)

And this is a picture of the treats we gave the boys for St. Patricks Day... Yay for Pintrest!!!!!
 I had to take a selfie here, because the times that Bean falls asleep in my arms are too few and far between!  I had to record this moment permanently because pretty soon she will be too big for me to hold and then, I do not know what I will do!
 Yes, another one of her eating... but this one is special, it is the first time a gave her a spoon and bowl.

 And the first time I let her hold her own bag of food.  
Here is some great footage of Cohen in his gymnastics class.

While Cohen was doing gymnastics, Arlo has ben learning how to skate so he can play hockey!
And now I will end my post with two videos... both I will use for blackmail later...
Arlo, remember what you thought was funny?!?!?!  I can't wait till your kids do it to you!
Cohen, remember how much you loved me... you made a pinky promise!!! Muwhahaha

So, as you can see... we have been busy!  But it has been fun... and crazy!