Monday, June 21, 2010

My Favorite Father's Day!

This year's Father's Day was the BEST!

The day started out with Tim waking up at 6:15 with the baby while I was able to sleep in.

When I woke up, I headed downstairs and Tim had made a waffle breakfast!

The rest of the day went well...

We went to church...

Came home because Arlo was not on his best behavior.

I went back to church, while Tim stayed home with the baby...

came back home...

And Tim had made me dinner!

What a day!  I wish everyday was Father's Day!


The person who made it all possible is the person who the day was really for.

My husband, my best friend, my love,

My Timmy!

Baby, I love you!  Thank you for all that you do for me!

Happy LATE Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Talkin about...

So Tim and I were talking the other day about how super uber smart our son is.  I know most parents say that about their children... and I mean it in no other way.  But we were also talking about how smart babies are in general.  To think that Arlo has only been in the world almost 14 months and all you have to do is watch him for a few minutes and you will see all the amazing things he can do.  He watches us all the time even when we don't think he is paying attention because the next thing we know... he is doing it all by himself.  Babies are amazing!!!!

Talkin about talking... Arlo is talking nonstop these days.  Now just before I give you my brag list I want you to know that even though he says these words, you might not understand them, but I can since I am around him all the time.

all done
Bronco (our dog)
thank you

You might be looking over this list and see that he does not say mama or dada... well he does, but everything else in the world that is not the things listed above are mama and dada so I do not count them.
I can also add to this list many other words that he will copy from what his father and I say, but once again he just hears words and says them but does not know what they mean just quite yet... so I won't count those either.

But now you can agree with me that Arlo is the smartest baby on the earth!!!!  :-)

On a more serious side, I am just so grateful to my wonderful Heavenly Father who has blessed me with such a fabulous little boy.  He has made me smile more than anything else in this world.  He is healthy, happy, and so, so, so, so good!  I am also blessed with a wonderful husband who I love more than anything because he puts up with me and loves me no matter what.  I am also so blessed to be having another baby boy in November!  Our little family is about as perfect as they come... and I could not be happier!

Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm in a hurry!

For those of you who do not yet know... I am now a stay at home mom!  That's right, Tim and I decided that this will be my last year teaching. (At least until my babies are grown and in school.)  Yesterday I finally finished cleaning out my room.  I have been working on it since last friday and today I finally finished putting it in storage (Thanks Tallona!)  So, life is what I call perfect right now.  One of the greatest pleasures I was looking forward to about being a stay at home mom was going shopping in the middle of the day!  I kept thinking of how horrible it is to go shopping on the weekend, or how bad I felt every time I sent Tim to the store at 10:00 at night and I just couldn't wait to go when the store was empty.  So today I lived out my dream of the perfect shopping trip and...



I pulled into the first parking spot in the parking lot (which was also in the shade) and I got out of the car, put Arlo in the cart and I took off.  But as soon as I walked in the store, there was an old woman talking with the door greeter, blocking the entrance.  And that about explains my trip.  Old, slow people scattered perfectly throughout the store to make my 20 minute shopping trip turn into 45 minutes!  Then to top it all off, there was only one check out lane open!

So my happy dreams of shopping during the day, turned out to be a bust.

Oh well, at least I am home with my babe!  That will keep me happy!