Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

I know memorial day is tomorrow but we decided to go with the family today.  We brought our camera and well Arlo was just so cute, we took many more pictures than expected and we got a few cute ones.

(No he is not eating me, these are his wonderful kisses!)

Look at that drippy popsicle!

Look at the mess!

Hope you enjoyed the picture post!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

House Cleaner for Hire

My name is Arlo Jaxton Gooch  I have been vacuuming since I was one year old.
I learned to love cleaning since my mom is always vacuuming up after our dog Bronco.
If you're anything like me, I used to be afraid of the vacuum, 
but then after a while I realized it wasn't so bad.
Then one day I decided I give vacuuming a try, and well I love it so much it is all I want to do now.
So my mom said I should start a business, and so I am giving it a try.
My hours are 7 am to 7 pm (but I take two naps, so we will have to work around those.)
The investment...
I am asking 50$ an hour.
I know I am expensive but dad says I have to pay for college one day.

Here are some pictures of my vacuuming skills.

If these have not convinced you to hire me, then this next picture will.  This is what I look like when mom tells me it is time to stop vacuuming and put it away.

I don't know what else to tell you except for... I LOVE to vacuum!!!!!
Thanks for your time,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goodnight Kisses!

Okay, so I know my life revolves around Arlo, but he is just to cute!  And to prove it, here is another cute story...

We have had a bedtime routine in place practically since he was born.  We start with a tubby, get ready for bed, bottle, read a book, rock, kiss then bed time.  Now, when I rock him it is usually just for about 20-30 seconds because I have a rule.  If he is not settling down I do not continue to rock him because if I did it would take me an hour to get him to sleep, where if I just lay him down in his crib he falls asleep in 5 minutes.  The main way he shows me that he is not going to settle down is when he lays down on my shoulder for his rocking time and then after a few seconds he will pick up his head look straight at me and then give me a HUGE smile and then put his head back down on my shoulder.  Once he does it a time or two I stop rocking and I give him his goodnight kiss and put him in his crib.

Tonight was the same story... but different.

The whole routine was very normal and then I started rocking him.  Arlo stayed down on my shoulder for longer than normal and I started thinking, Oooh yeah!  I get to rock my boy to sleep tonight!  But then he started to pick up his head.  (Not unusual)  This is where my story changes tonight.  Arlo picks up his head looks at me but there is no smile.  Instead he looks at me and then opens his mouth up wide.  (This is how he gives his kisses!)  It was too cute so I went ahead and gave him a kiss and then he put his head back down.  Now, like I said before, I only let Arlo pick his head up a few times before I lay him down.  About a half minute later he picks his head up again and looks at me and opens up wide for another kiss.  I could not help but to continue to rock him!  What kind of mom would I be to deny my baby kisses?  So we continued this for another 3 times before he started to really play.

5 KISSES!!!  That is what I got from my baby tonight.   I am such a lucky mom!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Haircut

I have been getting comments about Arlo's hair lately and how it is looking a little bit scraggly.  The thing that these people do not know is... believe it or not, my 'mom goggles' are actually not as high powered as I ordered them and I have known that my son's hair has been scraggly for months.  I have actually spent the last few months trying to convince my husband and my mother that Arlo needs a haircut.  So today I won and Arlo got his very first haircut!!!!  (I know... this is exciting news!)

Take a close look at his before picture...

This is what the poor girl had to go through the whole entire cut.  Luckily she was wonderful and FAST! Arlo was only in the chair for a 5 minutes and she was done.  Arlo was happy the entire time!  It helped that he was surrounded by mirrors!  He kept turning to the mirror behind him and waving and then looking in front of him and waving at himself in that mirror, and then he would take a few seconds and drive his car. 

Here are the after shots!  And mom I know that there are no shots of him smiling... and I said that he was happy the whole time but I only brought my phone with me and all the pictures that I took where he was smiling were blurry because he was being so wiggly. 
Look at his hair, it is even and handsome and everything but scraggly!

The place I got his haircut is called cool cuts and they gave me a little certificate with a baggie holding a few strands of his hair and a place for a picture.  How cute is that?  Now I just wish I brought my camera with to get a good picture of the BIG moment (haha;-)).   

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Puppy Party

The invitations

The cake


The party (doggy) bags


The party

The car

The presents


The people

Sorry if you did not get your pic on the blog, I have many more pics so if you want me to email you any... let me know!  

So... Arlo is now one!  I know it is so hard for me to believe as well.  I look back at this past year and I cannot explain the joy and the love that Arlo has brought to our family!  He is such a sweet, amazing, happy, handsome, wonderful boy!   I love him so much and I am so grateful to all my friends and family who helped me give him a wonderful first birthday party!

I know 1 year parties are more for the grown ups, but he loves being around his friends and family and even though he is only one I know he had a great day.   Arlo is such a happy boy, but the things he loves the most are being outside, being with kids, playing, playing and water.  And what do you know?  Arlo's party had everything he loves.  We were blessed with the most beautiful weather today, Tallona let us use her house for the party so we had a nice big backyard to play in, and with everybody who came, he had plenty of friends to play with... so the day really could not have been more perfect.